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Wētā Workshop specialises in concept design and manufacture for the creative industries. Combining new technologies with traditional handcraft, their crew of artists and technicians apply creativity and craftsmanship to every project: be it film, themed attractions or collectibles. It was important to represent the Workshop authentically during its brand refresh.
The brand guide has an earthy colour palette, informed by the Workshop space itself. Hues of deep brown, black, charcoal and teal can be seen in countless film props that adorn corridors, the surfaces of work benches, the artist’s tools and mediums with which they create. Concept art and costumes from the Wētā Workshop Design Studio and Costume Department also added inspiration: the red was sampled from a key scene in Rupert Sanders’ Ghost in the Shell (2017), while the gold was inspired by costume designs from Duncan Jones’ Warcraft (2006). The colour black anchors every element harmoniously from photography to type.
When selecting imagery, the gritty aesthetic reflects Wētā Workshop’s talented, passionate and humble crew; showing craftsmen at work, rather than smiling at the camera.
Brand Strategy Director, Senior Content Writer and Lead Photographer.
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