Te Pouhere Kōrero
Art direction and cover design for journal: volume ten
Te Pouhere Kōrero are a collective of Māori academics focusing on Māori history.To mark the milestone of publishing their tenth volume, a new brand was developed and the journal was given a new kākahu. The brand reflects the ongoing adaptation of Māori to the urban world by pairing traditional Māori elements with modern design principles.

Tāniko, featured in botht he branding and the journal cover, are used to tell pūrakau, express whakapapa, reflect the natural environment and act as visual exemplars of Mātauranga Māori.This design was inspired by the pātikitiki and aronui/ aonui motifs, empathetically reinterpreted to highlight the ongoing evolution of artistic expression alongside the significance of cultural heritage and toi Māori.
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