Wētā Workshop Unleashed experience graphics
Thematic and segmental graphics
24 Unique Graphic Solutions 
Font creation
Set dressing graphics
Pre-press production

Wētā Workshop Unleashed is Auckland’s gloop-splattered tour destination, where guests explore a fantastical film effects workshop. Inside Unleashed, the workers are creating practical effects for three original films: a sci-fi adventure, rural horror, and epic fantasy. It’s the ultimate showcase of creativity, inspiring guests to unleash their own imagination.
The graphic components provide insight into the design and manufacture process, and showcase how creative inspiration takes seed from concept to finished product. Designed to look like pin boards within the Workshop, the Unique Graphic Solutions depart from typical exhibition graphics and allow audiences to piece together the creative development themselves. Components such as film run sheets, storyboards, scripts, production and director’s notes, design moodboards, paint swatches and 3D test samples were all written and designed so the visual vernacular of the Workshop looks authentic.
2021 - International THEA award, Brand experience 
2021 - International Blooloop award, 1st place in storytelling 
2020 - NZ Best award, Exhibition lighting 
Heading up a team of graphic designers, I produced and curated work alongside the Creative Director, Project Lead, Production Designer, Manufacture Supervisor, Creative Lead, Senior Content Writer, Production Coordinator, Concept Designers and Lead Photographer.

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