Client: Te Ahiwaru
Collaborator: Qiane Matata-Sipu
Deliverables: 16 page Puka Whakakara (Pepeha Colouring Book)

Māori believe that our ancestors created the foundation for all living things, encompassing humans, the seasons, the land, sky, and waterways, and created a tikanga for everything. Our ancestors assume diverse forms, some exhibiting human-like or anthropomorphic characteristics, while others embody combinations of various animals or elements of nature. A pepeha acknowledges tupuna as the embodiment of kaitiakitanga, a recognition that persists to the present day.
Ihumaataos’ tupuna, depicted in their diverse forms, aim to further revitalise the hapu's enduring presence and narratives. This puka whakakara is another tool in fortifying their tikanga and influence, maintaining the vibrancy of knowledge about them, and strengthening their hononga to their community, place, and identity.
A second activity book was created in collaboration with Te Ahiwaru’s eco-tourism team and is used when hosting and educating primary school groups.
Its simple activities are designed to unfurl the whakapapa of Te Ihu o Mataoho (Ihumaatao). Students are invited to:
- locate significant landmarks in and around the whenua
- colour in kai that can be grown and harvested locally; highlighting the importance of mahi maara 
- fill in the gaps of a pūrakau that recounts the arrival of their tīpuna Hape from Hawaiiki
The concepts found inside this pukapuka ngohe provide insight into ways Māori view and understand the world — and how tikanga are practiced in everyday life. Furthermore, it acknowledges the role of Ihumaatao as kaitiaki and their rich, enduring whakapapa with te taiao.
Created in collaboration with Te Ahiwaru
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