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Curious Creatures and Marvellous Monsters exhibition
He Tipua Rerekē, he Taniwha whakamīharo

Graphic design
Creative direction for marketing
Art direction for social media
Billboard banner
Children’s activity book
Digital content: adshels, email banner
Retail line: magnets, clocks, totes, t-shirts, temporary tattoos, framed art prints
Print collateral: tickets, cards

Curious Creatures and Marvellous Monsters was specifically curated for children and their whānau to explore artworks and introduce kids to Te Papa museum in a fun and engaging way.

The campaign challenge: to have assets in market before any official imagery was available. A series of playful illustrations that were equal parts fantastical, unusual and silly, invited visitors to let their imaginations run wild about the exhibition. The hero graphics displayed creatures such as a gryphon, unicorn, gnome, fox and dinosaur, reimagined in silhouette form as to not give too much away.

Background colours were sampled from the photography of key artworks and stood in stark contrast to the flat white colour of the hero creature, to reference the popular children’s activity of cutting shapes out of paper to recreate fairytale. Motion was added by the creative partner to bring the characters to life. All of the elements were simple but effective in conveying a family friendly environment.

Curator of Modern Art, Head of Audience Insights, Retail Development Manager, Exhibition Designers, Digital Editor, Social Media Advisor, Fox and Co. Animation studio.
Exhibition identity by Gin Ambrosia.
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