Wētā Workshop Unleashed brand guide
Font creation
Brand guide design
Wētā Workshop Unleashed invites guests to step inside a fantastical film effects facility, inspired and built by Wellington’s Academy Award-winning Wētā Workshop. Its namesake is renowned for innovation and defying creative limits, and so too would the Unleashed brand guide.
Tasked with creating a concise guide which rejected the conventional look and feel, I included bespoke fonts and artwork from Wētā Workshop’s crew to give the impression the pages were pulled straight from an artist's sketchbook, rather than a corporate brand guide.
2021 - International THEA award, Brand experience 
2021 - International Blooloop award, 1st place in Storytelling 
2020 - NZ Best award, Exhibition lighting
Brand Designer, Creative Director, Senior Content Writer, Lead Photographer and Wētā Workshop Design Studio.
*Brand designed by Wēta Workshop artist Greg Broadmore
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