Bespoke display typeface
The creation of this typeface is inspired by Mataaho, an indigenous art collective from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Spearheaded by five Māori artists, the collective explores the intersection of traditional Māori culture and contemporary art practices. 
The Tauira display typeface is inspired by the collective’s 2018 artwork of the same name; demonstrating how art movements can influence the design of typefaces and fonts, creating a lasting impact on visual culture and design.
Created for an upcoming publication, Tauira solely comprises te Reo Māori alphabet and features tohutō (macrons).The typeface is characterised by geometric patterns, symmetry and bold fluid lines, and aims to portray both the placement of whenu (weaved strands) and the rhythm of the weave. 
About Mataaaho
Founded in 2008, the work of Mataaho often addresses social and political issues that are unique to the indigenous people of Aotearoa: the ongoing impact of colonialism, reclaiming cultural identity and more. Through their use of various mediums such as sculpture and installation, the collective creates powerful and thought-provoking works that challenge the viewer to question their understanding of indigenous culture and the world around them. With their unique perspective and bold visual language, Mataaho are making a significant contribution to contemporary Toi Māori.*
Images are used with permission from the Collective:
Mataaho Collective, Tauira (2018). Synthetic marine rope.

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