Brand identity
Toi Te Kupu: Whakaahuatanga is 2022’s wānanga toi Māori organised by Haerewa in partnership with Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki. This wānanga responds to the challenge laid down by landmark exhibition Toi Tū Toi Ora, “to realise a future in which contemporary Māori art continues to stand tall while reinforcing the wisdom that empowers Māori and Indigenous ways of knowing.” 
Continuing discussions about identity and place within a kaupapa Māori paradigm, this year’s Symposium celebrates the transformative power of Mātauranga Māori as expressed through art past, present and future. The legacy of work on display offers insight into the development of contemporary Māori art, while bringing together the voices of rangatahi/taiohi artists, and established Māori artists and curators, to consider aspirations for the future. 
This brand identity was designed with longevity in mind, as the Symposium is destined to be a recurring event with an ever-changing theme. What unites all work is a Māori worldview and the exchange of knowledge/ideas, which is ultimately reflected in the logo design. Diamond-like shapes are inspired by the taniko pattern known as Waharua Kōpito: ‘the points where people and events cross,’ symbolising how change occurs at such meeting points. The strong, hand drawn typeface proudly represents modern design, complementing a logo that can be used across print, branded product, digital material, AV and social media.  
Janda Productions, Ahi kaa; Mana Whenua; Ngā mātāwaka; Haerewa; Iwi taketake; Māori artists and arts communities; Auckland Council; Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki.  
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