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Culturally responsive design
ATE Journal of Māori Art is a window into te ao Māori and traverses the tapuwae of those for whom complexity is a well-worn path. The journal’s title references the whakataukī, ‘Te tau o taku ate’, the seat of one’s emotions. Its contributors were encouraged to write from their own ate. In doing so, they push against inherited and existing modes of art writing that are not inclusive of Māori perspectives or worldviews.
Wānanga with the editors established the aspirations for ATE: this project would be a step towards creating a more equitable and empathic approach to art epistemologies in Aotearoa, and that indigenous knowledge systems, when centred in urban design, could revitalise ecologies long overlooked.
The process of co-design occurred organically with both editors and designer arriving at key decisions to shape the journal’s design language. Whakataukī are interspersed in the journal and are laid to mimic pou, reflecting their importance to the foundational thinking of the journal. Colour identity was informed by the toi Māori featured within.
These tangible aspects of ATE are represented authentically to affirm where we are situated, here in Aotearoa.
Co-founding Editors, Copywriter

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